When it was originally released, many doubted the success that From Software’s Demon’s Souls would find. Now, the game’s follow-up—Dark Souls—has become a huge sales hit.

Namco Bandai today released their fiscal year results for year ending March 2012, and I can’t believe how pleased I am with the results. Why? Because sitting at the top of that list is my favorite game of 2011, Dark Souls—which during that period sold 1.19 million copies in the United States and Europe. Demon’s Souls was considered a break-out success when it hit 500,000 copies in North America, so this is quite a serious jump from that. Those sales numbers also don’t include how the game did in Japan, where it was published directly by its developer From Software.

Of course, Dark Souls is still out there selling copies, and the upcoming PC release of the game will take that number even higher. So, congratulations From Software and Dark Souls—it’s always wonderful to see games that deserve success achieve that success.


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