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Dead Space 3′s Xbox 360 Achievements Revealed

Posted on December 23, 2012 AT 07:32am

Want to know what kind of Necromorph-infested trouble you might be stepping into come February 5, when Dead Space 3 hits shelves? These Xbox 360 Achievements might give you a clue.

Because I’m a fan of the franchise, I didn’t look at this list myself—so potential spoiler alert. I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. Just posted it with a quick and dirty copy-and-paste job.

  • Get On My Level (10 points) – Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
  • The Explorer (25 points) – Complete all optional missions.
  • Aren’t You Thankful? (50 points) – Complete the game on Hardcore Mode.
  • Epic Tier 4 Engineer (40 points) – Complete the game in Classic Mode.
  • Survivalist (40 points) – Complete the game in Pure Survival Mode.
  • Gun Collector (25 points) – Collect all Weapon Parts.
  • The Professor (25 points) – Collect all Artifacts.
  • The Librarian (25 points) – Collect all Logs.
  • The Armorer (25 points) – Collect all Circuits.
  • There’s Always Peng! (50 points) – Find Peng.
  • My Buddy (10 points) – Retrieve Resources from a Scavenger Bot at a Bench.
  • Metal Detector (30 points) – Successfully deploy Scavenger Bots to 15 Resource Areas.
  • Strapped (10 points) – Craft a Weapon.
  • Circuit’s Edge (10 points) – Add a Circuit to a Weapon.
  • EMT (25 points) – Craft a Large Med Pack.
  • Full House (25 points) – Craft a Weapon with 2 Tools, Tips, and Attachments with all Circuit slots filled.
  • RIG Master (50 points) – Fully upgrade your RIG.
  • Master Plan (25 points) – Create a Blueprint that needs at least 2000 resources worth of parts and Circuits to build.
  • From the Jaws (10 points) – Save your Co-Op partner from an execution by killing the attacker.
  • Share and Share Alike (10 points) – Use the RIG to give an item to your Co-Op partner.
  • Medic! (10 points) – Revive your Co-Op partner 10 times.
  • Ghosts of the Past (25 points) – Face all of Carver’s demons by completing all Co-Op only optional missions.
  • Architect (10 points) – Share a Blueprint with your Co-Op partner.
  • Axes High (20 points) – Kill 30 enemies using Fodder axes.
  • Payback (15 points) – Kill a Soldier by TK’ing a grenade or rocket back at them.
  • Go for the Limbs! (10 points) – Dismember 500 limbs from living enemies.
  • And Then We Doubled It! (10 points) – Dismember 1000 limbs from living enemies.
  • Slow Mo (10 points) – Kill 50 enemies while they are in stasis.
  • Blast Corps (10 points) – Kill 30 enemies with explosion damage.
  • Shootbang (10 points) – Kill 30 Soldiers with head shots.
  • Empty Chamber (10 points) – Kill 30 enemies using melee strikes or a melee Weapon Part.
  • Dropping Acid (10 points) – Dissolve 50 enemies with acid.
  • Electric Lawnmower (10 points) – Kill 30 enemies using an electrified Ripper blade.
  • Overpowered Healing (10 points) – Use quick heal to heal yourself 20 times.
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