Dead Space


Probably the most irritating thing about the Android platform is system compatibility—just because something works on one Android device doesn’t mean it’s optimized for yours. Thankfully, you Google Nexus 7 owners can now cross Dead Space off that list, as the mobile game is now fully sported for your shiny, sleek new iPad-killer tablet.

Feel free to download it from the Google Play store right now, but make sure to have some space and money available.

Dead Space for Android will run you about 400MB worth of storage space, and still has a $6.99 price tag.

By the way, remember when we used to get upset about mobile games that cost more than a buck or two? Well, I’ll just remind you that Dead Space isn’t a case where you should get mad about it—Final Fantasy costs 16 bucks.

If you’re looking for more games that can take advantage of your Nexus 7’s slick screen and powerful Nvidia Tegra 3 specs, EA’s hasn’t been too busy with updates lately, though.

Right now, titles like Mass Effect: Infiltrator work on the Nexus 7, but I’m still waiting on updates for NBA Jam, Peggle, and Surviving High School, er, I mean, Need for Speed: Shift.

Source: Google Play


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