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THE BUZZ: Ever since the E3 Battlefield 3 trailer people have been asking what the dinosaur is all about? Well Patrick Bach, producer on Battlefield 3 has shed some light on the reasons behind it.

He was asked by TGL if the dinosaur was link to the 4chan thread that appeared claiming that Modern Warfare 3 needed more dinosaurs, to which he replied:

“Well, <laughs> I can’t confirm or deny that part of it. But the official story is that we wanted to connect the player to the world back home. We had this idea of having a photograph of your family, that wasn’t the end goal, but that was the mental picture behind it; we wanted you to think about the ones you love at home. We wanted to find a metaphor for that and find a visual language for that and we had this toy dinosaur on a desk at the office and we thought about what it would be like if you actually brought something that your child gave you to war. That would give you the feeling that you not only have a son or daughter but you have a wife and the illusion that you have a family back home. Bringing a toy to war would also be a good symbol for toys in war and how it’s contradictory and gives you vulnerability. So that’s it. That’s the official story. It’s not the unofficial story but yes, we’ve seen that thread to refer to.”

EGM’s TAKE: Chances of Battlefield 3 having a dinosaur mode?

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Source: TGL


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