Everyone in Texas is in for a lucky treat if they’re picking up Dishonored later tonight. It turns out that the developers want to hang out with their fans, and will be signing copies of their game at the Austin Arboretum GameStop.

As a bonus treat, the Bethesda Blog says that early birds will get Corvo’s signature mask.

We’ll have prizes and giveaways at the store, including Corvo masks for the first 45 fans that line up. Once the game goes on sale, you’ll be able to get both the game and the official Brady Games strategy guide (you can save 10% if you purchase both together) signed by members of the team.

If waiting out in the cold for GameStop to open isn’t your speed, you hopefully pre-ordered Dishonored a while back.

(Side note: Who really buys strategy guides anymore?)

Arkane Studios co-creative directors Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio (plus other members of the team) will be at 10000 Research Blvd at the Austin, Texas store starting at 10 p.m., so line up early if you want the extra goodies. Pack a sweater, too, since weather reports say it’ll be a bit brisk outside.

Source: Bethesda Blog


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