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THE BUZZ: Epic Games has licenced out its Unreal Engine 3 for use on the PlayStation Vita version of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock.

According to Epic, this will be the first Vita game to use the Unreal Engine. The game is also set to release on PC and PlayStation 3 this March. “At Supermassive, we always try to be very pragmatic about our choice of technology and choose the right tool for the job at hand,” said Jonathan Amor, chief technology officer at Supermassive Games. “Our aim for Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is to match it as closely as possible in aesthetics, tone and sound to the television series, and also to achieve a new level of quality on Sony’s outstanding platforms.”

“Critical factors in our decision to license Unreal Engine 3 include the capability and maturity of the Unreal Editor and tool chain, and we required an engine that has proven success in the marketplace,” he added.

“We are big Doctor Who fans here at Epic. It’s brilliant to see the world of Doctor Who brought to life by the team at Supermassive and especially to see Unreal Engine 3 powering the game that’s bringing this universe to a whole new platform and an entirely new generation of gamers and Doctor Who fans,” added Mike Gamble, European territory manager for Epic.

EGM’s TAKE: While it’s not quite the epic Doctor Who meets Mass Effect adventure that we had hoped for, it’s still the closest thing we have on consoles. Given design power we’d like to see a Skyrim sized adventure with the Doctor travelling through time and space visiting different planets, meeting new species, use of a conversation wheel, and use of outrageous story telling on par with the television series. Sadly we are not a game studio so we can only dream.


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