THE BUZZ: Square Enix is taking Dragon Quest X into a world most fans never expected to see it go—the world of online MMORPGs. Now, the game has gotten an official release date, full pricing, and a new trailer.

EGM’s TAKE: I’m not a huge fan of Dragon Quest, so my views on Dragon Quest X are more along the lines of amused curiosity. For the long-time series fans that I know, however, opinions are really mixed. For some, the move to this drastically different concept is something fresh and exciting. For others, you’d think Square Enix has committed the highest form of heresy there is.

Whatever the result will be, fans in Japan won’t have long to wait to find out—Dragon Quest X is now officially slated for August 2nd. The game will come in two flavors: A standard version for 6,980 yen ($86), and a version that comes with a USB memory card for 8,980 yen ($110). For anybody who gets the standard version, they’ll need to provide their own USB memory card with at least 16GB of capacity.

So how about the monthly fee? Players will have three choices: 1,000 yen ($12) for 30 days; 1,950 yen ($24) for 60 days; or 2,900 yen ($35) for 90 days. Via that monthly charge, you’ll be able to create up to three characters.

Now, the next big question: Will Dragon Quest X be coming out in the West, and if it does, would Square Enix try charging a monthly fee?


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