London Studios and Moonbot Studios are working on a new interactive experience for the PlayStation Move, titled Wonderbook.

Using the PlayStation Eye, this game seeks to create interactive storybook gameplay. Using a book peripheral (sold separately), the PS Move controller can be used to interact with objects and props seen via the PlayStation Eye.

In a major announcement, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling will be providing the first title for Wonderbook, called “Book of Spells.” An on-stage demonstration showcased how the PS Move could be used to summon a dragon from the book’s pages, use the Unlocking Charm, and other magic lifted straight from the Harry Potter lexicon.

Augmented reality lets players turn the book to see pop-up images in 3D, all of which can be rotated in real-time.

Various PS Move gestures will help players cast different spells by drawing shapes in the air, in front of the PlayStation Eye. Each completed level and successful spells earns house points, while progress can be saved to the game.

Wonderbook is debuting for PlayStation 3 this holiday season.


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