Crysis 3 was demoed at EA’s E3 2012 press conference, showing off some of the urban jungle environment that’s been featured prominently in promotional material for the game.

In the demo, camouflage was used to sneak into position at a heavily-guarded dam and take out enemies as the demo proceeded into an underground bunker. Once the target—an oscillating power conduit—was found, the demo player literally kicked it apart and engaged incoming enemies in a gunfight on the way out.

Helicopters also featured prominently in the combat, at least until they went down to a charged crossbow attack. By shooting throughout the cockpit window, the pilot was essentially skewered as the chopper started a spinning nosedive.

Finishing off the demo, the EA representative triggered a pre-loaded bomb that completely destroyed the dam, causing some impressive looking explosions and rushing water effects. Crysis 3 is headed to PC (and likely consoles) in February 2013.


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