Madden NFL


THE BUZZ: EA has revealed it’s preparing to make a big announcement on March 6, at the Game Developers Conference. The annoucement, regarding the future of one of its big franchises, will shake the very core of the gaming industry. Either that or there’s a new DLC pack coming, right now it’s anyone’s guess. What we do know is that massively popular Mass Effect 3 is coming out on that day, and we’re willing to bet that’s no coincidence.

EGM’s TAKE: Will the Mass Effect franchise go in a new direction? We’d wouldn’t balk at the idea of having the series turn into a turn based strategy game, ala Halo Wars. Although, it may have nothing to do with Mass Effect 3 whatsoever. We’ve heard rumblings of an announcement regarding the return of NBA Live 13, or it could be about the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter as well. To be frank, what we really want to see is an announcement that Madden is making a magnificent return to the fabled franchise as a playable character.


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