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EGM Exclusive: Four Important Ideas In Resistance 3

Posted on July 9, 2011 AT 11:28am

For the July 2011 issue of EGM, we had a chance to talk to the team at Insomniac Games. While Insomniac only took two years to make 2008′s Resistance 2, the sequel to 2006′s Resistance: Fall of Man, the Burbank, CA-based developer got an extra nine months to work on the next chapter in this sci-fi shooter series, Resistance 3. Though–from talking what we can glean from the quotes they gave us about this screenshot–it’s obvious they’re not spending the extra time on their backhand. Or their brevity.

THE HERO’S JOURNEY :: “In order to filter the plethora of ideas the team was generating,” creative director Marcus Smith explains, “we created a term to help define the experience of Resistance 3: Heroic Survival in a Brutal World. It’s a summary of the story, mood, and feeling we wanted players to experience while playing through the game, and it allowed us to look at every element and ask: ‘Will this make the player feel like a hero?’ ‘Does this illustrate the sacrifices people are willing to make to survive?’ ‘Does this represent the brutality of the world we’re creating?’ Because this is a world where the Chimeran occupation is total and devastating.”

HOMEFRONT :: “The Resistance franchise has been, up to this point, a military-based shooter,” says writer Jon Paquette. “But for Resistance 3, we wanted to shift the tone a bit and focus on how real people like you and me might survive in a Chimeran-occupied world. To do that, we focused the story on Joseph Capelli, the man who killed Nathan Hale at the end of Resistance 2. Forever haunted by what he was forced to do, he decided to hang up his guns and survive by hiding from the enemies he fought against for so long. In the four years following Resistance 2, Capelli gets married, starts a family, and settles down in the small town of Haven, Oklahoma. But he soon discovers that in the world of Resistance, you can only hide for so long.”

FREEDOM OF CHOICE :: “As soon as we started working on Resistance 3, we were focused on providing more player choice,” notes lead designer Drew Murray. “We brought back the weapon wheel from Resistance: Fall of Man, revamped the best weapons from the first two games, and created some great new weapons to fill out the arsenal. We also opened up the spaces in our level designs and revamped our AI to rely much more on innate job roles instead of needing to be heavily scripted. As a result, we’ve ended up with larger arena-style spaces–and enemy behaviors are far less predictable, to the point that even the designers are sometimes surprised by how an enemy decides to flank them in their own levels.”

SHORT SHARP SHOCK :: “Back when Move was announced, none of us said, ‘Yeah, that’s perfect for a first-person shooter,’” Insomniac founder and president Ted Price admits. “Up until Move, our experiences with similar devices left all of us pretty skeptical that a wand-like device would have the kind of accuracy necessary for a FPS. However, once we tried Move, it became obvious that this controller is a very different beast; it’s far more accurate than anything on the market. And when you house it in the Sharpshooter, it creates a very convincing experience for the Resistance player.”

For more about Resistance 3, check out the July 2011 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, on newsstands everywhere now.

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