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What We’re Playing This Weekend

Posted on February 17, 2012 AT 05:21pm

The weekend has officially arrived—so what will the EGM crew be playing during our precious free time? We’re glad you asked!

With the deadline for the next issue of EGM rapidly approaching, I’ll be knee-deep in gaming most of the weekend, though I’ll do my best to squeeze in some quality time with my new puppy, provided (of course) that she doesn’t eat my other PS3 controller and force me to sell her to the circus…

Syndicate: My last big review for the next issue is Syndicate, and I’ve still got some serious time to log here before I’m ready to issue a final verdict, so I expect to spend most of tomorrow working my way through the campaign. Gotta love work weekends…

Twisted Metal: Online play has been bumpy at best since Twisted Metal ruined romance for valentines everywhere, but rumor has it a patch is on the way and may even be on PSN by the time I get home, so I expect to continue my rise through the leaderboards this weekend with some serious car-crushing insanity.

Warp: Time permitting, I’m hoping to spend a few hours with this charming little action-puzzler from our friends at Trapdoor. I loved what I saw at PAX and am looking forward to seeing how the final product stacks up to the hype I’ve been building in my brain all these months.

With the Vita launch just around the corner, we’re experiencing an uncharacteristic February deluge of games. Eric’s actually going to be taking our office Vita for the weekend, so I’m going to be playing through Aksys’ foray into the otome market, Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom on the PSP, and I’ll also be tackling survival-horror with Resident Evil: Revelaitons on the 3DS—er, Revelations, that is! Sorry, spelling can be a chanllenge sometimes, particularly when we’re trying to put together the next print edition of EGM at the same time! Wish us luck!

As I’ve finally powered my way through playing all the PS VITA shovel ware I could handle, I look forward to sitting down in front of an actual big screen TV again and playing a pair of downloadable titles that have been high on my list for a while.

First is Warp where I’ll get to play as a cute little alien with the amazing power of teleportation. And like anyone who’s ever read an X-Men comic featuring Nightcrawler, you know a teleporter can’t exist in the same space as something that is already there. So guess what happens when our cute little alien avatar ends up teleporting inside the evil scientists who are holding him against his will? KABOOM! It will rain blood and guts all day Saturday on my TV, that’s for sure.

And speaking of raining blood and guts, Sunday will finally allow me to get my hands on the completed Alan Wake: American Nightmare. I thoroughly enjoyed the first game and can’t wait to see where the story goes from here. Not to mention that my curiosity is piqued with the heavier action slant the game play looks to go in. Also, as a side note, I will most likely be playing that one with my lights ON.

This weekend I will be diving into Twisted Metal, a game I’ve been looking forward to since seeing it at E3 in 2010. David Jaffe has never let me down, and although I’d much rather be slaying mythological beasties with Kratos, I have no trouble facing off against Sweet Tooth and his ilk.

I’m also determined to finish beating The Darkness II. I’ve played through 90% of the game and stopped when Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning crashed into my life and sucked away all of my free time. I owe it to Jackie Estacado to finish what he started.

Finally, I’m hoping to have time to get back to Reckoning. I know I’m in a distinct minority, but I can’t remember another single-player RPG I enjoyed this much, and yes, that includes Skyrim. There’s something about Reckoning that keeps me pressing onward, slashing my way through trolls and boggarts while trying to manage an ever growing number of quests. I haven’t nearly finished the game yet, but I’m already waiting with whetstone and reagents bag for news of some beefy DLC. I have a feeling Reckoning will be claiming most of my free time for at least the next month.

When your job is to play video games, the idea seems like nothing but sunshine and rainbows. However, there are two times when you really come to despise what you do for a living: When you’ve been tasked with reviewing something that’s just absolutely terrible, or when there’s a ludicrous flood of games to somehow get through in a short span of time.

The latter is what we here at the EGM offices are experiencing, thanks in part to the launch of the Vita and its mammoth amount of day one games. Sure, all of you out there who are going out to buy a Vita for fun—having 20+ titles to choose from is wonderful for you! For me, it means a weekend of nothing but sitting at home experiencing as much of this amazing new platform as I can!

Thankfully, however, all of the games I’ll be giving a go are things I actually want to play. Where as Lumines was the talk of the PSP’s launch; this time, it’s Lumines: Electronic Symphony. Being a long-time Lumines fan, I’m definitely looking forward to this one—and also to the promises of the game getting back to a more electronic feel in terms of soundtrack.

Next up is Touch My Katamari—and I will indeed be touching a lot of Katamaris. At least, as many as are legal. I loved the series on the PS2, but then kind of lost touch with it after that. Putting it on the Vita—which has two analog sticks perfectly situation for the game—sounds like a swell time to me! This one I’m really hopeful for, so I can’t wait to sit down with it.

Finally I’ll be tackling Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen. With this one, I’m not as sure what to be expecting—but I do know I’m certainly curious to give it a try. Even if I wasn’t always super-hugely into them, I do have a soft spot in my heart for ninja action games like this or Tenchu. So, this’ll be another one that has my curiosity piqued.

So, now that you know what we’re playing—what are YOU going to be playing this weekend? We’d love to know, so post a comment below and tell us what games will be giving you joy (or frustration) this weekend!

Eric L. Patterson, Executive Editor
Eric L. Patterson got started via self-publishing game-related fanzines in junior high, and now has one goal in life: making sure EGM has as much coverage of niche Japanese games as can realistically be crammed in. Eric’s also active in the gaming community on a personal level, being an outspoken voice on topics such as equality in gaming and consumer rights. Stalk Eric on Twitter: @Eric_EGM. Meet the rest of the crew.

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