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What We’re Playing This Weekend

Posted on February 24, 2012 AT 05:35pm

The weekend has officially arrived—so what will the EGM crew be playing during our precious free time? We’re glad you asked!

In general, I’m not a huge fan of golf—these days, I mostly watch it for the Tiger Woods schadenfreude, and I’m not a big fan of Woods on EA’s played-out courses, either. I’m not even a huge devotee of more casual fare like Mario Golf, for that matter. But there’s something about Clap Hanz’s long-running Hot Shots Golf franchise that I find so relaxing, soothing, and mesmerizing. Yes, even when I’ve just blown a three-foot putt. For me, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational is the best reason to own a Vita right now.

Unfortunately my weekend of gaming has been cut short because I am on a trip checking out a game I am not allowed to talk about yet. But it is going to be awesome when I can, trust me. So originally, when I got back to Los Angeles late Saturday night, I was planning on trying to finish up another chunk of my Kingdoms of Amalur campaign (I’m already 30 hours into it and it has become a mild addiction). But I just got word that my favorite series on the Citadel has landed at my front door.

That’s right. Mass Effect 3. That plane back to Los Angeles cannot land fast enough for me now knowing that my Commander Ray Shepard will be able waiting for me to save the Earth. To see how my choices in the first two games affect what I do from here on out has me salivating alone. I’m also curious to see how the Kinect vocal commands will affect game play and if it is anything to write home about. No matter what though, I know the universe’s fate will now be in my semi-competent hands. I cannot wait!!

With a shiny, brand new PlayStation Vita sitting on the coffee table I will be spending the weekend playing … SSX.

Sure, the Vita is a sexy new toy, and I have enjoyed playing the good games—Rayman Origins, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus—and even the not so good games—ModNation Racers: Road Trip—but with the chance to tackle the mountains with one of my favorite all time sports games, any more handheld action is going to have to wait.

It’s also Oscar weekend, which is sad because out of the nine best picture nominees I have only seen three, so I’m going to try and catch at least The Descendants and The Artist. Overall it will be a busy, media filled weekend. Good luck to everyone who has too much too choose from like I do.

There’s only going to be one game in my machine this weekend, and that’s Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2. I absolutly loved the first game with its 2D art style and fantastic voice work. My only real issue was the rather flat, lifeless and monotonous turn based combat.

With MK2, the team has basically rewritten the game from scratch. Gone are the 2D models—replaced by full 3D character representations—and combat has been giving an upgrade to a pseudo-action style. The traditional turn based system remains underneath, but now field movement and skill systems have been layered over the top. It will take some getting used to, but as long as the story is as captivating as the first, then it’s bound to be a fun ride.

While I’ve got a little SoulCalibur V to be doin’ this weekend, what will probably be catching my attention the most is a little something called Street Fighter X Tekken. Yes, I’ve got a copy—and I can’t wait to get into it.

Even though I’m not a huge Tekken fan, I’m curious to see how the characters play when outside of their natural environments and in one crafted by Capcom. And speaking of Capcom, I’m of course super excited to get some real time with Poison—the character, and her controversial history, are utterly fascinating to me. Speaking of controversy, we of course have the much talked about Gems system for SFxT. Will it be a totally game-breaking idea? Or could it actually infuse a little uniqueness and innovation in the fighting game genre?

If I have enough free time this weekend, hopefully I’ll be finding that out.

So, now that you know what we’re playing—what are YOU going to be playing this weekend? We’d love to know, so post a comment below and tell us what games will be giving you joy (or frustration) this weekend!

Eric L. Patterson, Executive Editor
Eric L. Patterson got started via self-publishing game-related fanzines in junior high, and now has one goal in life: making sure EGM has as much coverage of niche Japanese games as can realistically be crammed in. Eric’s also active in the gaming community on a personal level, being an outspoken voice on topics such as equality in gaming and consumer rights. Stalk Eric on Twitter: @Eric_EGM. Meet the rest of the crew.

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