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EGM Reader Response: What Series Needs a Reboot?

Posted on April 23, 2013 AT 08:59am

Question: What Series Needs a Reboot?

Reboots have become all the rage over the last few years with many high-profile franchises, such as Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider, all getting a face lift, but if you had a choice what franchise would you put under the knife? It could be a long forgotten game from days gone by or an ongoing franchise which is starting to become a little stale, the choice is yours.

There are several franchises I’d like to see return to glory, one being Final Fantasy. Now you could say that XIII was a reboot of kinds as it ditched most elements that had survived throughout the years, but sadly it wasn’t for the better. The team should just start reverting things back towards zero until it re-finds that sweet spot.

Another would have to be Crash Bandicoot. The poor marsupial lost his way over the years thanks to some poor design choices and I’d like to see the original team get back together and bring him back to the glory days of the PlayStation era (never going to happen, but that’s the beauty of this feature).

Simply let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We will be updating this post throughout the day showcasing the best comments. So, be sure to check back to see if yours has been chosen!

What You Said

Rhys Morton: “I agree, Crash is way too likable to be just sitting on a shelf somewhere. Maybe not a reboot, maybe a continuation of the series (of when it was still in the hands of Naughty Dog). A brand new Crash game debuting on the PS4 would secure so many people. Just force Radical to give it back to Naughty Dog or some other competent developer, and for god sake, make sure they get rid of those tribal tattoos.”

Andrew Keane: “I have a few I’d like to see a reboot of. Bubble Bobble, Dragon Warrior, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, & Knights of the Old Republic.”

Zoey Engel: “How about an UN-reboot. Like Castlevania with IGA back at the helm.”

Anthony Quinteros: “How about not rebooting them and letting some series rest? If you’re not planning on bringing it back 100 percent unchanged, save for the graphics and storyline, do not even bother rebooting it because it’s not going to do well with the fans. When you reboot, you should have the fans in mind, not trying to bring a new outside fanbase and trying to impress them while screwing over the fans you already have.”

Drew Rainwater: “Resident Evil. They’ve taken the the survival out of survival-horror. In fact, they’ve taken the horror part out too.”

Lane Johnson: “Resident Evil. They need to get back to their roots.”

Stephen A Haralambous: “The original Crash Bandicoot series would be awesome! Naughty Dog and PS1 days!”

James Joeseph Eemo Burnside: “Dino Crisis! It desperately needs a reboot after the disaster that was Dino Crisis 3; But with the way capcom has been going lately, I’m not sure if I want them to reboot it or not, after practically ruining every other franchise they’ve got.”

Marc Shaw: “Timesplitters and gex the gecko need rebooting”

Robin Barrett: “Conker’s Bad Fur Day would be an awesome game to have a reboot of! “Live and Reloaded” just updated the graphics and censored the content, but I think people would love a completely new game with the same vulgarity as craziness as the original.”

Brandon Ivesdal: “Road Rash from none other than the Nintendo 64. Fast pace, ramping off cars, shortcuts, and of course bashing your fellow racers with all sorts of weapons and jamming their tires, doing anything dirty for the win. One could easily add different vehicles (most likely open wheel) and different weapons to affect them, bigger world…I’m sure you could add a story line to it as well.”

Tony Tote: “Medievil. I miss Sir Daniel Fortesque. Interesting settings, fun combat, plenty of unlockable items, hidden areas, and a sense of humor.”

Malcolm Balogun: “Jet Set Radio needs a reboot I think. It was my favourite game on Dreamcast and I am just so attracted to it. I’d like to see an open free roam Jet Set game. I think Jet Set Radio Future was open but nowadays we can make a bigger map without loading screens. And also they can add like 1 or 2 new characters. I’d buy that anyday.”

Matthew Bennett, Associate Editor
Matthew Bennett finally got his big break with EGM three years ago, following years of volunteer work for various sites. An ability to go many hours without sleep and a quick wit make him ideal for his role as associate editor at He often thinks back to the days when the very idea of this career seemed like nothing but an impossible dream. Follow him on Twitter @mattyjb89. Meet the rest of the crew.

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