Many video games are powered by the Unreal Engine, Epic Games’ industry-driving workhorse graphics and physics suite. However, the next iteration of the system is big enough that the company needs a whole new studio.

As such, Epic Games is opening a brand-new Seattle wing that’ll be exclusively focused on the production and development of Unreal Engine 4.

Previously, demos of Unreal Engine 4 were shown off behind closed doors at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, where media members described it as an amazingly photo-realistic experience.

(If you haven’t seen it in action, check out the E3 2012 demo video below, courtesy of the folks at Machinima.)

Epic Games also hired some extra muscle to get the game engine rolling, signing England-based Pitbull Studio to help with some heavy lifting on the project. Assumedly, members from both teams will convene in Seattle for the duration of development, and likely well after the initial completion of the first build.

Although the engine isn’t finished yet, Epic Games previously announced that Fortnite would be the first title to use the new technology, and would also be a PC-exclusive.


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