THE BUZZ: Epic Games is gearing up to show some demos of upcoming Unreal Engine technology at GDC 2012—and Mike Capps from Epic is promising those demos will make you “gasp”.

EGM’s TAKE: Epic’s Unreal Engine has been an important part of a number of top-tier games this generation, and it will no doubt play an even bigger role in the next generation of gaming hardware. Of course, Epic isn’t just sitting back and resting on their laurels—they’re currently working on Unreal Engine 4, and they recently showed off the very impressive “Samaritan” demonstration of where that Unreal technology will be going.

Well, it seems like Epic Games is intent on also wowing fans of gaming everywhere at the upcoming 2012 Game Developers Conference. Epic’s Mike Capps had the following to say on Twitter:

“Just reviewed all projects and GDC @UnrealEngine demos. I felt like a proud papa. Demo made people gasp, literally.”

What could they be showing off at GDC? More samples of what their Unreal Engine can do? Maybe even a hint of what we might expect from the next generation of gaming consoles? Whatever it is, I’m sure many can’t wait to see those demos.


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