THE BUZZ: On May 6 Eve Online will turn nine, and to celebrate developer CCP is handing out free gifts.

From Friday May 4, players will have a choice of a free gift from the list of options below:

  • Fire All Lasers (with Dignity) – Omen and Maller (Cruisers) + Medium Energy Turret and Amarr Cruisers (Skill Books) .
  • Duty, Honor, State (and Missiles) – Caracal and Moa (Cruisers) + Assault Missiles, Medium Hybrid Turret, Heavy Missiles, Caldari Cruiser (Skill Books) .
  • Deadly Elegance (Drones Extra) – Vexor and Thorax (Cruisers) + Medium Hybrid Turret and Gallente Cruisers (Skill Books) .
  • Heavy Iron (Rusted) – Stabber and Rupture (Cruisers) + Assault Missiles, Medium Projectile Turret, Heavy Missiles, Minmatar Cruiser (Skill Books) .
  • Plug and Play – Full set of +2 Attribute Implants (Limited Ocular Filter Beta, Limited Neural Boost Beta…etc…) .
  • Refine Your Skills – Memory Augmentation Standard and Cybernetic Subprocessor Standard (Implants) + Scrapmetal, Ice and all other ore Processing (Skillbooks) .
  • Drill Bits – 10x each ore mining crystal I’s (10x Arkonor Mining Crystal I, 10x Bistot Mining Crystal I…etc…10 x Veldspar Mining Crystal I) .
  • A Paxist Treasure – Pax Ammaria – Collector’s Item.

The offer expires June 4. Head to the official site to choose your gift.

EGM’s TAKE: To be still going strong after nine years is an impressive accomplishment. However, these gifts seem a little weak considering the celebration. More collectible items might have been nice, however these are just free gifts that everybody gets. We’re sure the actual celebration will offer more in-game.


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