Shinichi Suzuki has taken the head office at XSEED Games, just a couple months after stepping down from his previous CEO and president position at Altus Games. Quick, tell him to get Grand Knights Story localized!

Suzuki comes to the North American branch of XSEED from a prosperous and long career with Atlus.

During his tenure there, Suzuki helmed the company during the releases of various Trauma Center and Persona titles, as well as Demon’s Souls and Catherine—the latter two being notable sales successes.

XSEED’s official press release brings quote from Suzuki, who seems pretty pleased:

Mr. Suzuki is now the President, CEO, and CFO of XSEED Games. “I have always respected XSEED Games, so this was an opportunity I could not pass up,” said Suzuki. “This is an exciting time for the industry and our company, and I look forward to navigating a course of success through the exciting changes in store as we advance XSEED’s publishing efforts by bringing even more highly anticipated titles to market across multiple platforms.”

According to the company’s other PR notes, founding XSEED member and former Square Enix employee Ken Berry has been bumped up from localization producer to Executive Vice President. If he had a Twitter account, I would start bugging him to get Grand Knights Story localized for North America, too.

Source: XSEED Games


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