Robert “FourZeroTwo” Bowling is going from modern guerilla warfare to the zombie apocalypse, as the former Call of Duty strategic planner has revealed his studio’s newest title Human Element. Recently-formed development team Robotoki is making the announcement pretty early, stating that Human Element won’t be released until 2015.

Game Informer is responsible for the breaking news, and their upcoming issue will have an extended four-page feature talking about the game.

Aside from fighting against the “zombie” part of the zombie apocalypse, Human Element establishes its gameplay with a character creation system that commits you to a specific survival goal: “Survive Alone,” “Survive with a Partner,” or “Survive with a Young Child.” Your character class will also fall into “Action,” “Intelligence,” and “Stealth” categories, which Bowling says will predetermine how you can approach certain survival challenges.

Interestingly, the announcement notes that Human Element will also be available on tablets, in addition to future consoles.

Source: Game Informer