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Free Dark Souls II comic kicks off to help build anticipation for game’s launch

Posted on January 8, 2014 AT 11:31am

If you’re eagerly anticipating the upcoming release of Dark Souls II, Namco Bandai is hoping to make your wait a little harder with the kick-off of a free web-released comic based on the game.

Now, look, the idea of a Dark Souls II comic book is something that admittedly feels a bit weird to me. Dark Souls—and its predecessor Demon’s Souls—were all about presenting an experience via a minimal amount of storytelling. That’s not to say that story didn’t exist—just that the games were good about letting the player find it for themselves, versus forcing it upon you via ample amounts of cutscenes or dialog.

Unless Dark Souls II is a drastic departure from the previous game, it’s quite possible that this comic—Dark Souls: Into the Light—could end up having more dialog than the game itself.

At the same time, Into the Light is free, it isn’t taking any development focus or resources away from FROM Software, and it shows that Namco Bandai legitimately cares about promoting Dark Souls II in new and different ways. A Western-crafted comic might not be the exact way I want to better connect with the game—now, if it were LEGO sets, then you’d have my attention!—but I won’t complain for a moment about a publisher supporting one of their titles (instead of seemingly ignoring them, which seems to happen far too often).

As today is the launch for Dark Souls: Into the Light, we’ve only been given two full pages so far. However, we also get a sneak peak at what’s coming up, and more pages will be released every week. The one catch? You’ve got to have a Facebook account to access Into the Light, as that’s how Namco Bandai is distributing it. If you do, then hop over via the link below.

Source: Official Dark Souls Facebook page

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