THE BUZZ: Today sees the announcement of another DLC pack for Gears of War 3—this time, however, you’ll be getting it for free.

Hitting on November 24th—aka Thanksgiving Day for us folks here in the United States—the Versus Booster Map Pack will give you five new maps for the multiplayer portion of Gears of War 3. Those maps include two from the original Gears of War: Swamp and Clocktower (new names for the previous maps). The other three maps—Asura, Rustlung, and Blood Drive—are from the Horde Command Pack. (Purchasing said Horde Command Pack will still get you a number of additional options such as new playable characters and fortification upgrades.)

EGM’s TAKE: It feels a little weird to give maps away for free that are also part of a paid DLC download, but I’ll be honest—I’d rather the maps be free, so that everybody can use them. The worst part of buying DLC map packs is when only a fraction of the community does the same—and you then either never bother trying to find an active game with those maps, or you keep playing against the same people over and over.


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