Funcom has announced some details regarding the payment model of The Secret World. I personally was hoping for a Free-to-Play model similar to what a lot of MMOs are doing recently, however i was not so fortunate. 

On The Secret World’s official forums, Funcom announced the Payment model as a “traditional paid subscription model”  but there will be “micro-transactions through an in-game store.” This has lead to a petition on Funcoms forums against Micro-transactions and the in-game store, it currently has 123 signatures. Funcom as announced that only cosmetics and similar items will be sold in the in-game store, and it will not sell items that give significant advantage to players.

There has been no information about how much a monthly subscription will cost.

The Secret World Beta sign-ups were susposed to start two days ago but were delayed. Will you still sign up for the Beta?

By: Liam Dunne.


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