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Release Date: August 23, 2011

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GameStop admits to removing digital copy codes from PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Posted on August 24, 2011 AT 02:25pm

The internet is going crazy after an internal GameStop memo leaked out earlier today detailed a nefarious plot by the company.

Through a deal between Square Enix and OnLive, PC copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution included with them a voucher to obtain a digital copy of the full Deus Ex game via OnLive. So, basically, for the price you pay for the game, you’re getting two full digital copies: The Steamworks version, and the OnLive version.

However, GameStop has now stepped its foot into internet-based game streaming services, and it seems they don’t like the idea of promoting OnLive. Their solution? GameStop management sent out a memo telling all stores to open every PC copy of Deus Ex and to remove the code voucher.

Defending this action, GameStop public relations representative Beth Sharum stated, “Square Enix packed the competitor’s coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge and we did pull and discard these coupons.”

GameStop’s Facebook page also had this to say:

“Regarding the Deus Ex OnLive Codes: GameStop’s policy is that we do not promote competitive services without a formal partnership. Square Enix packed a competitor’s coupon within the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution without our prior knowledge and we did pull these coupons. While the new products may be opened, we fully guarantee the condition of the discs to be new. If you find this to not be the case, please contact the store where the game was purchased and they will further assist.”

The problem with this situation, however, is that most customers know of no such promotion until they’ve already purchased the physical release at GameStop, and the promotion is still encouraging consumers to purchase that physical copy. As well, GameStop has made the decision to actively open ever new copy, take $50 of value out of the game, and still sell that copy to customers for the same “new game” price.

Square Enix made mention of this promotion back in a press release for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, so if GameStop took issue with the vouchers being included, they could have handled the situation in a far more professional way.

Nick Baumfeld
Bio: Nick Baumfeld has been involved in the video game industry for a good 12 years. He has seen the industry from all view points and has a background in websites, website integration and social media. Nick pioneered the online video game rental business back in the day, moved forward into online video game trading and then moved viral with the well received Video Games Application on Facebook. Today, he has joined up with EGM founder Steve Harris to create something truly unique and special; EGMNOW, a community dedicated to all manner of gamers.

Gaming MO: Nick is a first person shooter type of gamer and enjoys heated bouts of Halo with friends and family (even while being schooled by his children).

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