GameStop has a reputation as one of the worst companies in the United States, thanks to a combination of minimum wage pay, long hours, stingy employee benefits, and extremely aggressive pre-order pushes. But now they’re officially being called one of the worst places to work in America, thanks to research from corporate rating service Glassdoor.

As the 24/7 Wall Street Wire reports, GameStop currently holds a 2.7 rating (out of 5 stars) with its employees, who have collectiely written 416 reviews about the video game retailer:

Employees appear to regularly complain that the company privileges sales above customer service. According to one review, “Priority is placed on sales instead of games and customers, pushing people to pre-order games can place them in a situation where they spend good money on a bad game with no possibility of a refund, business’ models place customers at a disadvantage.” It may also be the reason why the video game retailer made the Consumer Report’s annual “naughty” list for bad customer service in 2011. Likely adding to poor customer service, reviews point to high turnover.

For whatever reason, it’s a terrible look for GameStop, who is trying to restore their public image by touting their high number of “new” game sales and how it supposedly benefits the gaming industry.

Generally, video game developers have said that GameStop is a key reason why many studios lose million of dollars in potential sales, thanks to the chain’s used games market. Since customers are able to trade-in products without any sort of paperwork or receipt trail, store credit is a driving factor in the sale of “used” copies of current titles, as opposed to new copies.

But despite the bad public perception, many video game publishers are nonetheless forced to play ball with GameStop. Not only does the company host the largest video game chain in the U.S., but they also distribute Game Informer right on their shelves.

Source: 24/7 Wall Street Wire


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