Looking for a cool new experience in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Solider? Look no further than Arctic Strike, the new multiplayer DLC pack released for the game today.

For 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360, or $9.99 on the PS3, Future Soldier players will get the following additions:

  • New multiplayer mode “Stockade”
  • Three new multiplayer maps
  • One new Guerrilla co-op map
  • +10 increase to level cap
  • New achievements
  • New weapons:
    • F2000 and CZS805 (Rifleman)
    • Type 05 JS and BT MP9 (Scout)
    • OCP-11 and Mk17 (Engineer)

The best addition to the game? The amount of players that will no doubt be shouting “freeze!” over and over again into their headsets when playing on the new snow-covered map. Yup.

(Really, though, why is only one map in a pack called “Arctic Strike” a snowy map? That seems a bit like false advertising.)


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