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THE BUZZ: The first details for God of War: Ascension have made their way online, confirming that multiplayer will be coming to the series for the first time.

The game is being developed by Sony Santa Monica and currently has no confirmed release date.

USA Today has confirmed that the game will contain a multiplayer component for up to eight players. Two teams will compete against each other to defeat a huge boss. Players must create their own character to take online, choosing to worship one of four gods: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades or Aries. Each god grants specific abilities, weapons and armor. Experience point will allow you to level your character and gain new abilities.

Each character begins with the Blades of Chaos and new weapons can be unlocked through leveling up, including spears, hammers and swords.

You can check out the first screenshots of the game here.

EGM’s TAKE: This sounds like the multiplayer that all God of War fans have been dreaming of is finally upon us. It’s always a dangerous move adding multiplayer to a single-player franchise. However, the team at Santa Monica won’t be making this a simple tack-on component. The whole thing sounds epic, mini-battles going on across the map while a giant enemy looms over the battlefield waiting to be slain God of War-style. We really can’t wait to see more of this in action.

What do you think of the multiplayer? Let us know in the comments below.


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