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God of War Origins collection trophy list

Posted on September 2, 2011 AT 12:00am

God of War Origins

The two God of War titles on the PSP are coming to the PS3 September 13, 2011. Besides both titles being on one disc and HD, they also include trophy support. There aren’t a lot of trophies per game, but a Platinum trophy is still included for each title. The trophies are as follows:

God of War: Chains of Olympus (3 Bronze, 6 Silver, 5 Gold, 1 Platinum)

  • All Beam Walks Completed (Bronze) – Finish all beam walks.
  • Man Overboard (Bronze) – Defend the Shores of Attica.
  • Big Spender (Bronze) – Upgrade any weapon.
  • Eye for an Eye (Silver) – Collect all Gorgon Eyes.
  • For the Birds (Silver) – Collect all the Phoenix Feathers.
  • You Complete Me (Silver) – Completely upgrade all weapons and magic.
  • Hit Me Baby (Silver) – Execute a 200-hit combo.
  • Mutton for Punishment (Silver) – Slit 50 Satyr throats.
  • Rejected! (Silver) – Parry 50 attacks.
  • Piece of Cake (Gold) – Beat the Challenge of the Gods.
  • Heavy Hitter (Gold) – Execute a 1000-hit combo.
  • Cosplayer (Gold) – Play the game with an unlocked costume.
  • It’s Over Already? (Gold) – Beat the game.
  • Getting Your Money’s Worth (Gold) – Beat the game (Hard Mode).
  • Above and Beyond (Platinum)Collect all of the trophies.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta (1 Bronze, 8 Silver, 5 Gold, 1 Platinum)

  • The Makings of a God (Bronze) – Upgrade any weapon.
  • Eye Can’t Believe It! (Silver) – Collect all the Gorgon Eyes.
  • Bird Flu (Silver) – Collect all the Phoenix Feathers.
  • Mess with the Bull… (Silver) – Collect all the Minotaur Horns.
  • Burning Sensation (Silver) – Incinerate 500 enemies.
  • Master of Arms (Silver) – Completely upgrade all weapons and magic.
  • I’d Hit That (Silver) – Execute a 200-Hit Combo.
  • Collisions (Silver) – Throw 10 enemies into other enemies.
  • Heartless (Silver) – Rip out 10 Keres Wraith enemy hearts.
  • God Amongst Men (Gold) – Beat the Challenge of the Gods.
  • Treasure Hunter (Gold) – Collect all of the Godly Possessions.
  • Greatest Hits (Gold) – Execute a 1000-Hit Combo.
  • Only One Remains (Gold) – Finish the game.
  • Zeus May Cry (Gold) – Finish the game (Hard Mode).
  • The Ghost with the Most (Platinum) – Collect all of the trophies

By: Terence Niedermaier

Source: PlayStationLifeStyle

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