Good Old Games has rapidly expanded its wares, with a whole new slew of Mac games and Mac-compatible PC games. As an extra bonus they’re also offering a massive discount on their Interplay-brand games.

By “massive discount,” that deal is actually a limited-time “pay what you want” promotion, much like the ones offered by the Humble Indie Bundle.

If you need a refresher, Interplay is the original gaming studio that created the FalloutDescent, and Baldur’s Gate. Paying the minimum “what you want” price gets you eight title, including Conquest of the New WorldJagged Alliance 2: Unfinished BusinessM.A.X. and M.A.X. 2.

Paying the average price (currently $12.75) nets 20 games, including Earthworm Jim 3D, MessiahGiants: Citizen KabutoFreespace + Expansion and Descent 3.

But if you pay the top $34.99 price, you get the good stuff.

That’s the 20 previous games, two Earthworm Jim titles, three Fallout titles, two Desecent titles, two MDK titles, and more, including Kingpin: Life of Crime. Check out the full list here.



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