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John 117 – more affectionately known as Master Chief – has always been the main focal point of the Halo universe. However, a new hero is set to enter the fray in Halo 4.

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine reveals that a new hero will be playable in the game, but Master Chief remains the main focal point of the story. At some point during the campaign the Chief will encounter the UNSC Infinity, the largest ship in the human fleet.  A new game mode called UNSC Infinity is available in the game’s main menu and selecting it begins a sub-campaign where you will control Spartan-IV aboard the Infinity.

Each week a new CGI episode will be released featuring five co-op missions for you to complete. The mode is free for all that purchase the game new, however buy a used copy and you’ll have to stump up the extra cash for access. A brief description of Spartan-IV can be found below:

“Your Spartan-IV will be a persistent character you take into all battles on board the Infinity, co-op, team, and free-for-all.  Spartan-on-Spartan battles have been moved into the Infinity’s Combat Deck, where a war-games simulator is used for training.  And the improvements you make to him (or her) won’t just be cosmetic.  Following the trends established in Halo: Reach, your Spartan will unlock game-altering combat options.”

It appears that 343 is trying to expand your multiplayer character’s reach and identity by giving you your own campaign. This will certainly breath life into the characters that players create to take into the online world of Halo.

How do you feel about the introduction of a new hero? Does Spartan-IV peak your interest? Share your thoughts below.


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