THE BUZZ: Over the past week, it seems that Microsoft may have registered a number of very interesting Halo-related domain names.

EGM’s TAKE: The staff over at Fusible.com happened upon a roster of domain names that were recently picked up, all of which tie in some way to “Halo Infinity”. Here’s the full list:

  • HaloInfinity.net
  • HaloInfinityMultiplayer.com
  • HaloInfinity.org
  • HaloInfinity.co.uk
  • HaloInfinity.mobi
  • HaloInfinity.de
  • HaloInfinityMultiplayer.net
  • HaloInfinityMultiplayer.org
  • HaloInfinityMultiplayer.co.uk
  • HaloInfinityMultiplayer.mobi
  • HaloInfinityMultiplayer.de

So what is Halo Infinity? Well, for one, Infinity was a multiplayer level that was exclusive to the PC release of the original Halo: Combat Evolved. As well, a ship named the UNSC Infinity was part of the Halo: Glasslands expanded universe novel.

All of the above domain names were registered through MarkMonitor—an “internet brand protection company” that Microsoft has used in the past to register domain names (including microsoft.com). So, while there is no direct tie to Microsoft for these domains, it isn’t much of a stretch to expect that that’s the case.

Fusible also notes that two other possibly-related URLs were registered by MarkMonitor during the same period: spartanops.org (Spartan OPS) and morethanjustamap.com (More than just a map)—the second of which sure would tie in to that previous-mentioned Infinity map from Halo PC.


Source: Fusible


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