Quantic Dream’s David Cage has expressed strong interest in exploring multiplayer in a less conventional fashion, and a job listing on the company’s website suggests he’ll be doing just that with his next project.

In a recent interview with EGM, Cage described a question about multiplayer as “very interesting.” And now that a job listing for a lead online programmer with “a strong understanding of the multiplayer genre” has turned up on the company’s website, it seems that multiplayer will in fact be a component of Cage’s next project.

“The social component—how people can interact together—is something very exciting,” Cage told EGM. “We’re really focused on single-player experiences so far—and that’s already a huge challenge—but the next big step is how we can create these kinds of experiences for several players.”

“I’m not so much interested in how they can fight against each other, I’m interested in how they can interact socially together,” Cage said. “I’m interested in experiences where it’s not like you have a gun and I have a gun and I need to kill you and you need to kill me. There are games out there that do that very well, but I’m more interested in how can we give a context to our presence in this world and how we’re supposed to interact together.”


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