THE BUZZ: Two Mass Effect 3 items can be unlocked by playing the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo that was released a couple of days ago.

Complete the Reckoning demo before playing Mass Effect 3 and you’ll unlock the Reckoner Knight Armor and a disc-chucking Chakram Launcher. EA claims that the armor, “will maximize damage done in close-quarters combat while a beefed-up power cell feeds energy into weapon systems to increase projectile velocity,” and that the launcher, “uses a fabricator to manufacture lightweight, explosive ammunition discs.”

Unlocking these couldn’t be simpler, firstly boot up the demo to unlock the Reckoner Knight Armor and then complete it to receive the Chakram Launcher.

EGM’s TAKE: This is a clever move by EA to get you to completely play through the demo and maximize exposure and sales of Reckoning. Usually the majority of players would have ignored the demo and wrote it off as just another fantasy title, but now they will take the time to complete it and may actually find they like it. Maybe more titles should use this strategy by rewarding fans for completing demos. It’s a cheap and easy way of gaining publicity, especially if they were planning on releasing a demo anyway. Fans respond well to free in-game items and see it as a sign of caring on the publisher/developers part, which always leads to more sales and a bigger fan base.

Have you unlocked your free items yet? Leave a comment below.


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