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Release Date: November 8, 2011

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Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling talks more about the evolution of killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3

Posted on September 2, 2011 AT 12:00am

EGM recently had the chance to talk to Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling, and one of the things we asked him was about Modern Warfare 3′s new killstreak system and how it came to be.

“A lot of it’s going back to the more gun-focused gameplay of Call of Duty 4,” Bowling told us. “But with what we’ve learned from the killstreak system is that, inherently, it’s all focused on getting kills. We’ve got millions and millions of players who all play so differently, but they’re not being rewarded, incentive-wise, for being good at the game in other ways—and that was the big driving factor for introducing custom strike packages, because we wanted to open up how you’re rewarded with killstreak rewards.

“We want to let you be in control in the type of killstreak rewards you have and give you the tools to be a better objective player and a better team player, rather than always trying to be the best team deathmatch player.”

Bowling said that even beyond killstreaks, actions such as capturing objectives, flags, or domination points, as well as other things such as blowing up a bomb site, should all add to a player’s rewards. With this, no matter which strike package you have, important accomplishments such as these will all tick you closer to your next killstreak reward – which will vary beyond just the expected.

“You can now focus your entire killstreak rewards on things that have nothing to do with getting you more kills,” Bowling continues, “and that was the whole mentality behind giving you tools that allow you focus on things other than killing.”

If you want to see what’s going on once Call of Duty XP kicks off later this week, be sure to keep an eye on our Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Facebook page – we’ll be giving details on how you can watch our live stream of the show.

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