Who says games aren’t art? Certainly not the prestigious New York Museum of Modern Art, who will soon be putting the quirky yet lovable Katamari Damacy on display.

Namco Bandai’s stuff-rolling-up masterpiece will be part of the Century of the Child: Growing by Design Exhibit running at the museum from July 29th until November 5th. The exhibit—looking back at the years 1900 ~ 2000—is a survey of 20th century design for children, giving “the first large-scale overview of the modernist preoccupation with children and childhood as a paradigm for progressive design thinking.”

“Namco Bandai Games’ Katamari Damacy has touched countless people, from children to adults, and is truly a modern video game classic,” Namco Bandai Games America vice president of marketing Carlson Choi said in the company’s announcement today. “The inclusion of Katamari Damacy in this ground breaking exhibit is a testament to the creative designs embodied in Namco Bandai’s games and shows the importance of video games in peoples’ lives in addition to being a validation of video games as a modern form of interactive art.”


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