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Release Date: March 6, 2012

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Latest Mass Effect 3 Trailer

Posted on December 11, 2011 AT 12:32pm

THE BUZZ: Electronic Arts showed off their latest trailer to the hotly anticipated Mass Effect 3, at the 2011 Spike TV VGAs. The footage opens up with a massive Reaper attacking, what seems to be the Krogan home world of Tuchanka. The familiar voice of Garrus tells Shepard “I know we’ve beaten the odds before, but getting to that tower, I don’t know,” and with that we’re on foot following Shepard as he uses his new found agility to dive and dodge out of the way of incoming attacks from the Reaper and what seems like a new breed of Geth.

Shepard makes his way to the tower and unleashes the Thresher Maw to help take on the giant Reaper. With the menace otherwise occupied, Shepard high tails it to his truck. The trailer ends with the now familiar shot of thousands of Reapers descending to Earth.

EGM’s TAKE: Garrus’ quote of, “I know we’ve beaten the odds before,” is a valid one. It seems that with every entry into the Mass Effect series a new controversy is contrived. In the first game, it was space sex, the second game had fans calling foul over the spoiler that Shepard dies in the first few minutes of the game. This time around, sides seem to have been picked on whether having multiplayer affect your single-player “readiness meter” is a good idea or not. Hopefully with this taste of what we can expect from Mass Effect 3, it can give those in doubt a bit of hope that the series, regardless of its tweaks and changes, is still in good hands.

Source: YouTube GameTrailer TV Channel

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