The Legend of Zelda


If the popularity of The Legend of Zelda was ever in doubt, a recent shift on Amazon’s best-selling books list has confirmed that it may be Nintendo’s most cherished franchise. For the last two days, “Hyrule Historia” has claimed the number one position on Amazon’s list of most-bought books.

What’s especially interesting is that this version of the once-extremely-rare Japan-only tome isn’t even out on shelves yet, as rabid Nintendo fans have been pre-ordering it in droves.

Hyrule Historia can likely attribute its huge demand to the rarity and quality of the 272-page hardcover book, which makes its way to stores, mailboxes, and book shops next January. Contained within its charters are various essays, tons of beautiful artwork, and several in-depth tidbits and secrets about the entire series—including a full, official timeline of the whole saga.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the book can be pre-ordered for just $20.99 (normally priced at $34.99), since it’s apparently going to make a killing when it’s finally released in fully localized, English-friendly text for fans around the world.

In fact, Nintendo should celebrate the news by announcing a Legend of Zelda title for the Wii U.

Wouldn’t that be a neat surprise for all those new Nintendo Wii U owners this Black Friday/winter season?

Source: My Nintendo News


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