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THE BUZZ: With only $50,000 to go, the gang at Replay Games is looking forward to receiving funding, and is asking fans to provide some direction with how to use any excess money received.

Not every Kickstarter project can be a Double Fine Adventure Game, making millions of dollars more than initial goals. The game that started the firestorm of community funding for video games will go down as a rarity, with most projects chugging along at a steady, if not remarkable, pace toward their goals. Thus is the case with the Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards update.

Still, with more than 10 days to go, it looks like the original goal of $500,000 will be surpassed. This can be credited to Replay founder Paul Trowe, and Larry Creator Al Lowe, both taking the time to promote the Kickstarter, listen to fans and most importantly respond to the community that is supporting them.

Replay has added new tiers of funding, and have come up with new products, in response requests in comments and on the game’s forum.

It has even solicited suggestions regarding what to do with any excess funds. Should they concentrate on translating the game into more languages, or would you rather see the game appear on Xbox Live and PSN? Though there’s no guarantee Replay will receive enough money to accomplish these things, at least it’s asking what fans want to see and genuinely taking that into consideration.

You can view the details of the Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter project here.

EGM’s TAKE: That’s what we love about Kickstarter and the folks at Replay. This has become a community funded project with true community input. Those who love the Leisure Suit Larry franchise have the opportunity to work with the original creator on bringing the property back from the dead. Actually, considering the last two Larry games, bringing it back from a fate worse than death. It also gives Trowe and the gang at Replay the chance to tell all of the money types who were reluctant to fund the project to “suck it.” We’re hoping the game receives a huge surge at the end so Replay can expand the project in all the various ways discussed. Perhaps that would attract enough attention, and more importantly generate enough sales, to warrent an original Leisure Suit Larry game in the future.


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