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Lord of the Rings Online Update 11 Goes Live Today, Patch Notes

Posted on May 13, 2013 AT 09:01am

Turbine has released the official patch notes for Lord of the Rings Online Update 11: Treachery of the White Hand, which goes live today.

Some of the key highlights include a new launcher, a new region, the continuation of the game’s story, and improvements to mounted combat.  You can check out the full patch notes here or read a brief rundown of the key features below.

New Launcher

  • The LOTRO Launcher no longer requires .net 1.1. You will notice several changes, especially during patching/updating. The new launcher also respects your default browser setting. It will no longer default to IE when opening links.

New Region: Wildermore

  • Wildermore, north of East Rohan, offers new quests, new warbands, and a whole new series of Endgame activities and rewards. A vector from East Rohan will lead players into the snow covered fields and hills. Learn more about Wilermore by watching our Video Dev Diary.

The Epic Story Continues

  • Book 10: Snows of Wildermore continues the Epic story into Wildermore, discovering the source of the sudden change in weather and the new dangers in Wildermore. Along the way players catch up on what the Rangers have been doing since they were last encountered. Read the Developer Notes for more information.

Mounted Combat Update

  • Mounted Combat receives a significant update, with the yellow trait tree being integrated into the base War-steed for optimal maneuverability. In place of the previous movement trait tree, each class will get their own specific yellow tree, with boost and skills tailored to each role. For more details, click here to read the developer diary.

Lalia’s Market Now Open in Bree-town! 

  • Lalia, daughter of Bob who works at the Prancing Pony, gained a certain level of notoriety amongst adventurers after an incident she had in the Barrow-downs. However, her wandering days are now behind her, and she’s opened her very own shop in her adopted city. As those who’ve met Lalia before know, she’s always had an appreciation of the value of a good piece of clothing. Learn more about Lalia’s market .

Hobbit Gifts

  • Once a day, every day, players will get a new alert letting you know that you have received a special Silver Hobbit Present. Once a week, VIP players will receive an additional alert letting you know you have received a special Gold Hobbit Present. Clicking below the Silver Present or the Gold Present will display the reward you’ve gotten and other rewards you could have won. Gold Hobbit Presents offer a greater chance of getting the top level gifts. After free rolls are used, all players can use Mithril Coins to roll for either more Silver Hobbit Presents or Gold Hobbit Presents. Read the FAQ for more information

Alert space changes

  • The new Alerts Panel is intended to allow you to see all of your alerts at one time. This includes most of your alerts: accomplishments, reputation, mail, etc. Hobbit Gifts, dynamic layer status, pending loot and connection status icons will all be separate from this panel. Connection status is now its own element that can moved around separately from all alerts.

Housing Upkeep and Foreclosure changes

  • Housing Upkeep now allows for paying further in advance and adds the option to pay with Mithril Coins. Houses without upkeep paid for the past six months will go into Foreclosure and all items inside will be put into Escrow.
  • Note: A two month grace period will be allowed for homes which are already more than 6 months overdue when Update 11 goes Live. More details in the developer notes.

Additional Mithril Services

  • Reputation acceleration, Deed acceleration, Armour and Weapon repair services, task resets, and task limit increases can now be purchased with Mithril.

Trait Configurations reset

  • Mounted Combat Trait Trees have been updated, so all your Trait Configurations have been reset and points refunded.

Legendary item points refunded

  • In Update10, a lot of scaled items and some Legendary Items got a DPS bump. We are pushing this out to items that players acquired before Update 10 went live. In the process we had to refund all your Legendary Item points

Enhanced Experience

  • Rest experience is getting an overhaul! Basics: Rest Experience is becoming Enhanced Experience.
  • There will be two kinds of Enhanced XP: VIP Bonus XP and Store item Bonus XP.
  • VIP Bonus will appear blue on your experience bar. Store Bonus will appear as light blue. Bonus experience will apply to all basic forms of experience (adventure XP, legendary, steed, etc.). If both the VIP bonus and the Store bonus are present, the VIP bonus will be used first. Store Experience boosters, like the Tome of Extraordinary Experience, can be used along with these bonuses.
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