It hasn’t been easy getting quirky puzzle-adventure title Machinarium ported to a proper gaming console, but it looks like the artistic flash gem will be getting mainstream legs with a PS3 release. Technically, this “ultimate” version of the game will be re-released for the PlayStation Network, despite trying its hand with Xbox Live and the Wii already.

Machinarium‘s re-release was confirmed as part of a Gamescom-timed update to the PlayStation Blog (and an extremely good guess from community member Antares).

Previously, Amanita Design tried to push the game to the Xbox Live Arcade lineup, but Microsoft refused to publish it for some unknown reason, dropping the project altogether.

Machinarium also tried its luck with the Nintendo Wii, but was ultimately cut off by WiiWare’s 40MB software limit. But if the PSN release is a hit, it’ll assuredly be seeing a separate launch for the PlayStation Vita as well—not only was it rated by the ESRB for that particular device, but the gameplay might also be a very good fit for the touchscreen and rear panel.

Source: PlayStation Blog (Europe)


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