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Over on their website, Marvel has announced Marvel Heroes—a new MMO project based on their expansive universe of characters and storylines. They’ve also released the first trailer, which you can see below. From it, we can see that it looks like Doctor Doom is the main antagonist of this new game, and he is wielding the near limitless power of a Cosmic Cube—meaning definite trouble for all our favorite spandex clad good guys.

Admittedly, the trailer conjured up memories of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance more than anything, but this free-to-play game—being developed by Gazillion Entertainment—will allow players to play as their favorite Marvel superheroes in a Diablo-style dungeon crawl that will take players from places like Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning to the Savage Land and even Daredevil’s Hell’s Kitchen. The nice thing about aiming for more of a Diablo experience rather than a World of Warcraft one is that it affords people an opportunity to clear the game by themselves if they so choose. It’s also the reason why you don’t have to worry about crafting a hero—you can just play as your all-time favorites.

The game is being written by one of the Marvel Universe’s chief architects over recent years—Brian Michael Bendis—and is said to feature everyone from well-known superstars like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America, to the less infamous faces of the Marvel Universe like Squirrel Girl. All we know for sure is that if Gazillion can provide a gaming experience that lives up to Bendis’ writing, then I’m sure Marvel fans will have definitely have another quality Marvel gaming experience on their hands soon.


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