THE BUZZ: BioWare is trying to make fans happy by expanding Mass Effect 3‘s ending in the upcoming Extended Cut DLC—and the developer promises that the new endings will feel far more personalized.

EGM’s TAKE: During the Mass Effect 3 panel at PAX East, ME3 producer Mike Gamble stated the following:

“We wanted to give the players a sense of personalization with the endings. Many people mentioned that some of the choices they made in the game are not necessarily reflected in the ending scenes. We’re definitely going to focus on things like that. We want to make sure that when you see the ending of Mass Effect, you now have the information and context to be satisfied.”

Of course, at the same time, Gamble once again stated that the Extended Cut’s purpose it to expand the ending already in place—not change the current one, or create an entirely new one.

“The dev team stands by what was released in the core product, and we’re very proud of it. It was important though for us to listen to the community, and a lot of that feedback didn’t come until the game came out. Once we were listening we decided to include the extended cut. It wasn’t in the game because we didn’t know there was such a huge demand for it, to be honest with you.”

This whole conversation is still a bit strange for me, as I’ve yet to get to the end of Mass Effect 3. (Just too many other games lately that I’ve had to play for work.) I wasn’t really a fan of the idea of BioWare “fixing” the ending after the fan feedback that was going around—but if instead the plan is to flesh out the current ending more, and give players more explanation of how their decisions affected things in the end, I can support that idea.

The problem now is if I’ll make it to the ending of ME3 in time for this DLC! Maybe I should wait to download it, beat the game, see the original ending, and then grab the DLC to see what I think of the changes made.

Source: Eurogamer


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