If you’re missing a little Mass Effect in your life, we have some news for you. No, there’s not a new DLC ending coming to consoles from BioWare, so stem those expectations.

Anime studio Funimation has just announced the full English vocal cast for the upcoming Mass Effect: Paragon Lost—a prequel to the events of ME3—starring James Vega.

Freddie Prinze Jr. will be reprising his role from the video game, although he’s the only major team member of Shepard’s crew that’ll be featured in the 85-minute DVD/Blue-ray movie. Sorry, Liara and Ashley fans.

(As the official Twitter account for the anime noted earlier this week, the release is being pushed back to December 28th.)

Check out the latest trailer from Funimation, courtesy of the Anime News Network.

Paragon Lost details Vega’s fight against the Collectors on the human colony Fehl Prime—a story that doesn’t end so well for the meatheaded marine, if you remember the dialogue in Mass Effect 3.

Source: Anime News Network


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