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Mass Effect


THE BUZZ: In recent days, Mass Effect fans angry of the trilogy’s ending have found all kinds of ways to show their rage toBioWare. Now, however, a different group is trying to get their point across in a nicer way—by sending the developer 400 cupcakes.

EGM’s TAKE: So, the idea was this: To show frustration at feeling like player choice had no say in Mass Effect 3‘s ending, the plan was to send BioWare a collection of cupcakes. The cupcakes would come in three varieties: Ones with green frosting an an “A” written on them, ones with blue frosting an a “B” written on them, and ones with red frosting an a “C” written on them.

However, here’s the catch: No matter which cupcake you chose, they’d all be vanilla.

The reason? To poke fun at the idea that all choices lead to the same result in Mass Effect 3—but done in a way that would make a point while still showing the folks at BioWare a little love. (The color and letter choices are, of course, a fun jab at what executive producer Casey Hudson previous said about how the game’s ending wouldn’t be like the “A, B, or C” endings of other games.)

“Make your contributions. Show Bioware some love, while telling em how you feel,” the organizer of the idea wrote. “Hold the Line!”

The money raised for sending the cupcakes came in in under an hour, and organizer Beretzik then pledged to send all excess donations that had been received to Full Paragon (a fund raising drive by Mass Effect fans to benefit children’s literacy).

The cupcakes are set to be delivered to BioWare on March 30th, and staffers from the developer are already expressing their thoughts on the cupcake-fueled protest over on the official BioWare forums:

Thomas Abram:
This is AWESOME.

We really do have the best fans in the world. If I’m around I’ll definitely take some photos and post them on BSN!

Nathan Matichuk:
“No matter which one I eat, they’re all delicious!”

Devon Gardner:
Every part of this is deliciously awesome!

Stanley Woo:
Before people get a little too freaky with their enthusiasm, I hope people realize that none of this is, in any way, shape or form, required to get us to listen to you. Nor can we be bribed to make things go your way. And finally, no matter what happens, we still love our community.

That said, if this comes to pass (after all, nothing is guaranteed), i will dedicate my cupcake to those who said I should get more than one cupcake.


Personally, I think this is a really fun idea. It’s a way to express an opinion on something, but doing so in a style other than just yelling at BioWare or calling the Mass Effect development team one of a variety of names. With all that’s been said about the men and women who worked on the game lately, it’s good to see somebody doing something nice for them.


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