In a conference call to discuss Electronic Arts’ Q2 earnings, EA CEO John Riccitiello stated, “The Medal of Honor launch is coming in below our expectations,” not surprising for a game that is currently sitting with a Metacritic score in the low 50s.

Overall the reception of Warfighter has been brutal, with critics and players alike call out its derivative gameplay and features, lackluster story and poor multiplayer. Still, EA hold out some hope the game will still rack-up decent sales.

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau tried to minimize the impact of the game’s poor sales, saying, “Medal of Honor Warfighter shipped last week to a critical reception that fell below our expectations. While we’re disappointed with the critical response, we believe this is a good game with a receptive audience. The game finished the weekend in the #1 position in the UK. We will continue to support this game through the holidays with sales execution and marketing. This includes a compelling content download tied to the December release of Sony Pictures’ film, Zero Dark Thirty.”

Unfortunately, with Halo 4set to launch in 10 days, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II hitting on November 13, the opportunity to make Warfighter a blockbuster might have passed.


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