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THE BUZZ: EA has released a new behind-the-scenes video talking about their latest partnership for Medal of Honor Warfighter: U.S. Optics, a speciality optics company based out of California known for their special purpose telescopic riflescopes.

EGM’s TAKE: For Medal of Honor Warfighter, players will be able to pick from a variety of options from U.S. Optics. So that I don’t get any of the exact details wrong, here’s what EA had to say as part of this latest partner reveal:

In Medal of Honor Warfighter, we will be featuring a variety of U.S. Optics riflescopes including the ST-10, a fixed magnification, 10 power optic with lineage tied directly to the legendary Unertl MST-100 which U.S. Optics rebuilt for the United States Marine Corps armorers in 1999. The original M40A1 and the upgraded M40A3 have been deployed with Marine Corps scout snipers equipped with MST-100 10x scopes built by both Unertl and U.S. Optics. The recent M40A1 commemorative rifle built by McMillan to honor the legacy of the Marine scout sniper included the last of the available MST-100 10x scopes built by U.S. Optics and was mounted in the historically correct clip-slotted base and rings.

We will also feature the variable magnification 3.2-17x SN-3 as seen on top of last week’s LaRue 7.62 OBR as well as other optics to fulfill the extreme distances that the McMillan long guns are capable of.

“We at U.S. Optics, and myself personally, are quite excited to be a part of this collaborative effort with all the manufacturers, professionals, and Electronic Arts on Medal of Honor Warfighter,” U.S. Optics CEO John Williams III said as part of the reveal. “With such a large demographic of users, it will allow gamers of all ages around the world to shoot with a U.S. Optics scope!”


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