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Meet The Gun Traders Of Borderlands 2

Posted on August 12, 2011 AT 01:38pm

The first Borderlands game had an awful lot of guns in it with Gearbox advertising the amount at somewhere around “87 bazillion” and although I doubt it was quite this many there were more than enough to keep you busy.

Each gun had its own manufacturer however this failed to lead to any real difference in looks or feel between weapons, Borderlands 2 hopes to rectify this by giving each manufacturer their own brand and look.

Below you will find a run down of the manufacturers in Borderlands 2,


The main foes from the original game now make their own weaponry however don’t expect it to be the most impressive as everyday items are used as parts, however their weapons do feature the largest magazines in the game.


These weapons will have a more realistic look and feel similar to those found in modern FPS’.


These were also present in the first game and can be easily identified by Claptrap’s clean yellow and white design.


As expected these weapons carry a very Russian vibe and look similar to an AK-47 however all of their weapons come equipped with a minigun attached.


These weapons carry a very unique feature in that once you empty a clip the whole weapon can then be thrown as a grenade, it will then reload by constructing a new weapon using your characters Digistruct module.


This dealer specializes in the most crazy and over the top weapons available in Borderlands 2, it is all about how much noise and destruction can be caused in a single shot with this manufacturer.


Gearbox describes this manufacture as one of the more sleeker in the game.


These guns have a very antique look to them but have the highest damage stats in the game.

Source: Game Informer

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