THE BUZZ: Microsoft has announced that they’ll be expanding their line-up of advertising partners for embedding TV-like ads in the console’s various media app offerings.

EGM’s TAKE: Yay! More ads!

…is what I’m guessing you’re not saying right now. But do you know who is saying that? The people who want you to watch ads.

Microsoft already offers such ads in Xbox 360 media apps such as UFC, TMZ, and Crackle, but now you’ll also be seeing such ads in other apps like ESPN,, Manga Entertainment, GameSpot, and MUZU.TV.

Why is this happening? Because, more and more, people you like—yes, you—are using media apps on your Xbox 360. The more you use them, the more value there is in showing ads in such apps!

So, those apps you can only use if you’re already paying $60 a year to subscribe to Xbox Live? Now you’ll be paying for the privilege of watching even more commercials. I know, I know—it’s all very exciting.

Source: Gamasutra

Source: Gamasutra


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