While the game has become one of the top-selling XBLA releases of all time, some Xbox 360 owners have had a few complaints about the recent release of Minecraft. For one of those complaints, Microsoft has decided to issue full refunds to certain customers.

The issue? Local multiplayer via split screen won’t work for those Xbox 360 owners who don’t also own an HDTV.

In an email to Kotaku, Microsoft noted that the information for the XBLA version now states that local multiplayer can only be accessed on HDTVs. However, for those who purchased the game prior to that notice going up, and who only own an SDTV, Microsoft is offering those customers a full refund on the game if they contact customer support.

While in this day and age we sometimes just expect everybody who owns an HD console to also own an HDTV, that actually isn’t the case. I’ve heard from a few people who were upset when they found out that they couldn’t play multiplayer in Minecraft on their SDTVs, so I’m glad to see Microsoft taking this step to make good with those customers.

Source: Kotaku


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