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In today’s edition of the Halo Bulletin, the folks over at Halo Waypoint show off a wide array of photos of the upcoming limited edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 model.

“We started off with a few different concepts, but most of them were Forerunner in direction,” says the Halo Waypoint posting. “What was interesting about this process was looking both at our universe for inspiration – as well as the fabrication, material, and tech processes that had become available to us. Figuring out what we could do and how those manufacturing and painting techniques could apply to the unit was a completely organic, two way process.”

An interesting part of the design is that the outer case has a level of transparency to it, one which reveals more design elements deeper inside of the console. The posting notes that this design wasn’t only done to look cool—it also “speaks to some of the materials and objects you’re going to encounter in the game.”

In that regard, we then get a tease that the console’s design specifically draws inspiration from an “important object” in Halo 4 that hasn’t been revealed yet. Hmm.

For the controllers, there will actually be two different versions: A Forerunner-themed controller, and a UNSC-themed one. (The Forerunner version will be included with the console; the USNC version will be available separately.)

The limited edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 console bundle will retail for $399.99, and will include a copy of Halo 4, two controllers, a 320GB hard drive, and the following downloadable Halo 4 in-game and avatar marketplace content: FOTUS Armor Avatar Costume, In-Game FOTUS Spartan Armor, Avatar Promethean Crawler Prop, In-game LightRifle Skin, and In-Game Unique Unicorn Emblem.

The UNSC Halo 4 limited edition controller will retail for $59.99, and will include a code for a free avatar t-shirt.


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