THE BUZZ: Activision has confirmed that the Liberation and Piazza maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be made available today to all PlayStation 3 premium Elite subscribers.

As well as these new maps, a new Elite theme will be made available to all PlayStation 3 owners (pictured below).

Both maps will be free to all premium Elite subscribers. Non-premium members will have to wait until next month to download the maps.

EGM’s TAKE: Keeping track of all these DLC releases is getting a little confusing, and it seems that non-Elite subscribers are falling further and further behind. They are already three content drops down compared to Xbox 360 premium subscribers. We really don’t agree with the new Elite subscription method. The Season Pass system that other games use is fine as everyone gets equal opportunity, but this is just money grabbing on Activision’s part and it’s sad to see. Activision may not be forcing players to sign up, but they are certainly twisting their arms with a two month difference in content drops. The publisher hasn’t implemented a subscription based multiplayer system as promised, but this is uncomfortably close.

Do you like the premium Elite subscription system? Should it be scrapped? Leave your thoughts below.


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